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Here you can purchase full-length poetry collections, chapbooks and anthologies featuring work by Robert Wynne.. We even have a link to the venerable online literature retailer "Barnes & Noble" Click away, enjoy and e-mail any questions.

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Click to EnlargeSelf-Portrait As Odysseus - Published 2011 by Tebot Bach
A 66-page perfect-bound collection of poems which recasts Homer's Odysseus as a modern-day business traveler, traversing the country and enduring meetings and training sessions as he struggles to make his way back to his ever-patient wife.
"Every Dockers-clad laptop jockey should be so blessed as to see the world as Wynne sees it--nuanced by historical parallels to human history and yet strangely new. This is a knockout book of poetry." -- Eloise Klein Healy, The Islands Project: Poems for Sappho (Red Hen Press)

ISBN 978-1-893670-75-4
Cover Price $15.00

Click to EnlargeMuseum of Parallel Art - Published 2008 by Tebot Bach
A 60-page perfect-bound collection of poems describing the most provocative paintings in the modern art world that don't exist.
"If we read poetry to extend our vision, to see what is often missed, then this is a must-have, gotta-get book of poems." —Tim Seibles

ISBN 978-1-893670-27-3
Cover Price $14.00

Click to EnlargeRemembering How to Sleep - Published in 2007 by Eakin Press
Winner of the 2006 Eakin Memorial Book Award.
77 pages, perfect-bound. "Robert Wynne crafts his poems with such consummate skill and arranges them so seamlessly it is hard to believe Remembering How To Sleep is his first full-length collection of poetry.  — Larry D. Thomas, 2007-2008 Poet Laureate of Texas

ISBN 157168821-8
Cover Price $12.95

Click to EnlargeDriving - Published in 1997 by The Inevitable Press
A 19-page saddle-stapled collection of 8 driving-related poems, this title includes "Flight" which is included on the Poems page.

ISBN 1-891281-24-0
Cover Price $3.00


Click to Enlarge(w/Robert Arroyo, Jr.) - Published in 2005 by Nightgaunt Press. A saddle-stapled chapbook-length poem which is a line-for-line parody of T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland. Includes full parody footnotes as well. Meticulously created by Roberts Wynne and Arroyo, writing alternating lines over the course of 5 years. NOTE: Contains language not suitable for minors or very conservative people.

ISBN 1-890887-02-1
Cover Price $5.00

Click to EnlargePatterns of Breathing - Published in 1997 by Mille Grazie Press
A 30-page perfect-bound collection of 20 poems mostly about relationships, this title includes "Chasing the Sun", "Swimming Lesson" and "Yelling at Helicopters" which are included on the Poems page.

ISBN 1-890887-02-1
Sold Out

Click to EnlargeCall the Sun Down - (w/Robert Arroyo, Jr.) - Published in 1999 by Valley Contemporary Press
A limited edition 32-page saddle-stapled collection of 11 poems by each of the authors, this title includes "At St. Peters" which is included on the Poems page.

ISBN 0-9670715-4-2
Only 50 copies were printed - Sold Out


Click to EnlargeWhat the Body Knows - Published in 2002 by Pudding House Press
A 31-page saddle-stapled collection of 20 poems touching on a variety of subjects, this title includes "At the Support Group for Non-Believers", "Geometry", "Door", "Origami" and "Honeymoon: The Blue Grotto" which is included on the Poems page.

ISBN 1-59889-139-1
Cover Price $8.95

Click to EnlargeCider Press Review: Volume 1 - Published in 2000 by Cider Press
A 125-page perfect-bound collection of 76 poems by 66 different poets.

ISBN 096613992-5 | ISSN 1527-1862
Cover Price $10.00 - On Sale Now for Only $5.00


Click to EnlargeCider Press Review: Volume 2 - Published in 2000 by Cider Press
A 99-page perfect-bound collection of 64 poems by 49 different poets.

ISBN 09661399-3-3 | ISSN 1527-1862
Cover Price $10.00 - On Sale Now for Only $5.00


Click to EnlargeCider Press Review: Volume 3 - Published in 2002 by Cider Press
A 122-page perfect-bound collection of 75 poems by 64 different poets.

ISBN 09661399-4-1 | ISSN 1527-1862
Cover Price $10.00 - On Sale Now for Only $5.00


Click to EnlargeSmaller Than God: Words of Spiritual Longing - Published by Black Moss Press. Anthology, 132 pages

ISBN 0-88753-357-4
Cover Price $19.95 Canadian - Online Price: $13.00 Canadian



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