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Robert WynneWelcome to the online home of Robert Wynne: poet, publisher, editor and educator. This site features many of my previously published poems, some pictures and summaries of my publishing, teaching and editing accomplishments. Please visit my store where you will find several of my poetry books, chapbooks and journals for sale online.

I hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

New Books Available

Self-Portrait As OdysseusSelf-Portrait As Odysseus

Like Odysseus the traveler, Robert Wynne has come home to his genius. The task Wynne sets for himself in this book-length work could only be accomplished by someone who carries in his suitcase a wild sense of humor and a loving eye for the absurd. Here is a sympathetic embrace of all that is human in the word of office politics and business travel. Every Dockers-clad laptop jockey should be so blessed as to see the world as Wynne sees it — nuanced by historical parallels to human history and yet strangely new. This is a knockout book of poetry. —Eloise Klein Healy, The Islands Project: Poems for Sappho (Red Hen Press)


Museum of Parallel ArtMuseum of Parallel Art

Robert Wynne’s Museum of Parallel Art is a sharply written, wonderfully imagined collection of poems. The sheer variety of tones and perspectives found in Wynne’s work are good fuel for the heart, dazzling remedies for the hum-drum ho-hum so common in our reading lives.  Few poets feature his capacity to entertain human desperation and comedy so convincingly—and sometimes within the same piece!  If we read poetry to extend our vision, to see what is often missed, then this is a must-have, gotta-get book of poems. —Tim Seibles


Remembering How to SleepRemembering How to Sleep

Robert Wynne crafts his poems with such consummate skill and arranges them so seamlessly it is hard to believe Remembering How To Sleep is his first full-length collection of poetry.  It is no wonder that the judges selected this polished collection of poems for the Poetry Society of Texas’ 2006 Eakin Book Award.  — Larry D. Thomas, 2007-2008 Poet Laureate of Texas